Who is John Infantino?

John Infantino is the founder of Federal Development.

A quick search on Google will return many interesting results, including the following blurb from http://www.balrec.eu:

John Infantino – CEO, Federal Development
John Infantino is the Chief Executive Officer of Federal Development LLC worldwide. Mr. Infantino has extensive experience in mixed-use development efforts and the enhanced development of government properties throughout the United States. Mr. Infantino began his career in Real Estate Development with the Construction Lending Group of Chemical Bank’s Real Estate Division where he spearheaded a series of successful high-yield marketing and business development programs.
.He was also the Vice Chairman of First Public Trust, a family owned and controlled real estate management firm which incorporates a 60-year history of developing over twenty master-planned communities on the East Coast and the Midwest. Mr. Infantino served as a development consultant for LCOR Inc. following his service as Vice President of that firm. During his tenure his clients included government agencies, public authorities and universities, as well as private landowners and institutional investors.
Mr. Infantino is a frequent speaker at conference and government workshops on the effective implementation of Public/Private Partnerships.

6 thoughts on “Who is John Infantino?

  1. John Infantino, owner & director Federal Development LLC is a corrupt, scam guy, whom should never be trusted and cooperated. In 2009, we had the misluck to meet and cooperate with him. We were supposed to cooperate with him for the construction & operation of a power plant in Northern Iraq. We have established a joint company in Washington DC together with Federal Development LLC named “DUHOK POWER SYSTEMS LLC” and established representative office in Erbil. Apart from hundreds of pages of signed documents, he visited Erbil and met with Kurdistan Regional Government Ministry of Electricity & Deputy Prime Minister, promising to bring $100Million for the project. He suddenly vanished, of course he did not bring a dime for this project. He ruined my company’s entire reputation and caused my company to loose our reputation and $2.5Million.

    He even did not pay Federal Development’s local legal expenses amounting $12.000 (His Lawyer Mr. Sarmad Haji Akrawi Cell: +9647504450377 E-mail:advsarmad@yahoo.com) his advisor’s hotel bill (Only $700 to be paid to Erbil International Hotel) Mr. Infantino or his associates did not pay their flight & Hotel costs amounting $14,000 which were paid my company and was promised to be reimbursed.

    The US Embassy Commercial Service in Ankara, unfortunately did not inform us about the real truth about John Infantino and FEDERAL DEVELOPMENT LLC.

    PLEASE BE AWARE, DO NOT COOPERATE WITH JOHN INFANTINO and/or FEDERAL DEVELOPMENT LLC in any kind of project, just make a google search or contact related government officials.

    Anybody requesting additional information about my relationship with John Infantino, pls. do not hesitate to get in touch with me.

    Bulent Esat CELIK
    CFO, Galkon International LLP
    Cell:+90 532 322 10 72

  2. I agree with your site. I met John Infantino in Washington at the invitation of his General Counsel Ross Eichberg, Patton Boggs. I met them through a Tom Sotile who is listed on his web site as the Honorary President, whatever that is, frankly, they are all frauds. My interaction with his lawyer, Ross Eicberg cost me millions, including having to pay for flights, an engagement ring for his fiance Paula, he skipped out on a 75,000 dollar bill. Ross Eicberg suggested he was the lawyer for the Abu Dabi Investment fund, which has proven to be false. The fact is Tom Sotile his honorary President works out of his basement and has never bought or completed a real project in his life, he is a failed dreamer who now uses the offices of Patton Boggs to rape their clients of their wealth. Eicberg hiding behind Infantino and Patton Boggs cost me my health and almost my business. They are conniving con artists who will cause anybody they do business with to lose.
    Eichberg, Sotile and Infantino are the drummers behind this fraud and somebody should look to see why Patton Boggs continue to employ Eichberg, why they let Sotile carry a Patton Boggs business card and why they promote the business of Federal and John Infantino in their offices.
    I believed Eichberg and his merry band of friends because of Patton Boggs.
    I would suggest to anyone if you run into this gang, Run like Hell.
    A personal note to Federals General Counsel, why dont you man up and pay for your fiances engagement ring instead of hiding behind a border and a lawyer.
    John Infantino, Tom Sotile, Mark Magazine and especially Ross Eichberg his General Counsel are the worst of the worst.

    John Hamilton

    • Eichberg is now at a different law firm. You can check the firm name by googling Federal Capital Advisors LLC, Eichberg is listed as General Counsel with the name of his new firm. I am sure they didnt do great due diligence in my opinion.

  3. Infantino, proven otherwise, has a solid background but perhaps went off the track after some unexpected liabilities he was involved in thus becoming a scumbag. Nothing but sad. But...g |

    …This surely does not justify his actions. He was trying hard especially for the financing of the Iraqi Project but being at the wrong place at the wrong time -due to the global financial crises- he simply was not meant to bring the necassry capital.
    The amont I lost due to his no-real-facts-provided agreements, MOU’s, Fin Cons, is hilarious.The amont lost would not make me any richer or any poorer and it is a fact that we all accept taking the risk of meeting such scams from the moment we decide to run our own businesses as sole entreprenurs which comes with “being ready to loose all” and “being ready to hit the sky”. What I seriously cannot accept is the fact that, trade-citizenship-human rights etc etc laws have changed so much that, they are all in the favor of such scams and that, the legislation system cannot even give a penalty of cash…

  4. Infantino, proven otherwise, has a solid background but perhaps went off the track after some unexpected liabilities he was involved in thus becoming a scumbag. Nothing but sad. But...g |

    Beatrice Ararat? The oldie who claims to be Infantino’s right arm but she even cannot be my right b?ll…
    Whats up with her? Who is she infact?

  5. if you call john infantino’s office phone number in NY AT 212-537-4777, you will get a secretary who has a tight screener. she will never let you talk to john, to get around her, pretend you are from a bank or a private equity firm and you will get to john infantino within 30 seconds. you can tell that john is a total scam. i told him i have a project in nigeria and he immediately said they had 3 projects going on in kenya. the best part about the lie is i asked him the locations on the projects and he said he had to get back to me. you would think any big time developer would know the location of his projects. i worked on john’s team at federal development a few years ago and left within 6 months due to his disgusting ways of scamming people including his employes. canceling health insurance and taking the amount out of employee paycheck. telling employees they will get 401k within 6 months of employement to offer no 401k at all. i wonder how he stays awake at night? this guy is as aweful as it gets!! SO DISGUSTING!.

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